Keep me warm

We slowly fall in the cold night,

You gently calling at my sight,

In my bed, under the sheets,

All naked or with a pretty underware which fit,

You, I don’t mind,

Nothing will separe us, nothing remind,

I just want to fill you with something hot,

Cause you’re better that way my lil’ « bouillotte* »!



*French word for a hot water bottle 😉


The keys

The first time she came,

I thought I was prepared,

I was wrong,

She is so much and so many both at the same time,

A multitude of dancing feelings colliding each other,

A fabulous tempestuous mix of laughter, tears and shouts,

A culture of the exasperation and the exuberance,

How could I ?

I mean me, the introvert virgo, trying to rebuild myself after one terrible moment which would have been able to be the last one.

The regrets are just according to my behavior,

I needed to learn from her, from me,

Now I know and I want to be there for her,

To be here near her, even if in some moment I can just give my presence and nothing more, cause it’s only her who can do what she needs, accepting this temporary statement.

I can do that and I will,

She has the keys,

My wish

She’s my wish,

To be better,

Sometimes she still makes me feverish,

Then I do all I can to be stronger.

She’s my wish,

The dearest,

Like when you made the peace with yourself,

And with your heart, you’re honest.

She’s my only wish,

A small powerful amount of love,

Cherishing my skin and making it shiver,

Taking my soul, watching me from above.

So smile at me now,

And let’s be together as long as we wish.